This compact home’s long axis is oriented to maximize solar exposure (think FREE HEAT). And once the sun’s heat is captured, triple glazed tilt/turn windows manufactured in NY, and careful air sealing details coupled with super insulation are designed to hold it in. As is the case in many of the homes we build, we wrapped the entire 2X6 shell of the home with a cozy layer of thick insulation, which will lower energy bills and provide year round comfort. Solar panels mounted on the nearby garage will provide electrical power to run this home’s mechanical systems including the heat pumps which provide heating and cooling needs. As the owners are dedicated “do-it-yourselfers”, they are using their own hands and inspiration to lay hardwood flooring, decking, and interior trim, much of it sourced from lumber cut on site when they were clearing the spot for their home.

  • Triple glazed tilt/turn windows made in NY
  • Exterior insulation layer provides superior performance
  • Use of wood from site clearing for interior trim and decking (locust)