This family friendly home is nestled in a cozy patch of woods. It has a strong connection to the outdoors through its many windows and large glass doors that will open onto a large deck that wraps around half of the house. The windows and doors are high performance triple-glazed tilt/turn windows. It achieves excellent insulation performance through using a combination of insulation materials that work together to eliminate thermal bridging, and provide a continuous insulating layer from under the slab to the roof insulation. Materials were chosen for their durability and beauty as this home balances aesthetics with the needs of an active family. Heat is provided using a combination of sources including a woodstove, air-source heat pumps (these also work for cooling), and electric heat. This photovoltaic powered home will be providing comfort and energy savings to its owners long into the future.

  • easy access to the outdoors
  • triple-paned, high performance windows and doors
  • use of local woods and reclaimed materials
  • utlra-insulated thermal envelope
  • photovoltaic system
  • housewide ventilation system