Incorporating stylistic elements of the Arts and Crafts Movement, this home is Ironwood’s highest efficiency project to date. With triple paned European windows and a super insulated wall system (R- 60), sub slab insulation at R-40, and ceilings at R-100, this house is so high performance that the sun’s rays and the body heat of its occupants are part of the heating system. When coupled with a thoroughly detailed air barrier layer, it will be saving energy the entirety of its long life-span. This is where the pay- off in green building is realized by the owners financially, while the building uses the minimum amount of energy to maintain comfort. An all-electric mechanical system and appliances will allow the roof mounted Solar PV and Solar Thermal collectors to provide all necessary power (aka “Net-Zero” design elements). Designed for “aging-in-place”, the occupants plan to enjoy their retirement while also providing plenty of space for family and entertaining.

  • Ultra High Efficiency construction (insulation, triple paned windows, HVAC)
  • Use of lumber and timbers from on-site land clearing
  • “Aging-in-place” design elements
  • Solar PV and Solar Thermal renewable energy systems