Energy efficiency and comfort were paramount in the design of this client's home. Using our own super-insulated wall system, with careful attention to air-sealing and the reduction of thermal bridging, this home achieves excellent R-values. The floor slab is insulated to R- 30, the walls are R-55, and the ceiling is R-80. Blower door test results exceed the Passive House standard. Fresh air and ventilation is provided by an Energy Recovery Ventilator that captures heat and humidity to keep the home comfortable year round. Heating and cooling needs are provided by a ductless mini-split system. Triple paned/triple gasketed windows optimize passive solar gains and provide wonderful light in the home. Locally grown and milled hemlock siding and trim provides a complement to this home's classic design. A solar thermal water heating system and photovoltaic panels are currently busy at work producing hot water and electricity.

  • Super-insulated wall system
  • Passive solar window orientation
  • Triple paned high performance windows
  • Solar thermal and Photovoltaic system
  • Locally grown and milled siding/trim