After purchasing this house the owner wished to update some second floor spaces to meet her personal and professional needs. Where there were once two cramped rooms and an awkward sitting area, Ironwood was able to create a perfect office space, new master bedroom with full bath, and a cozy well lit reading area by changing the floor plan and raising the ceiling height. There were complicated structural reinforcements necessary, but the new spaces are well insulated, bright, and functional.

Two years after completing renovations to the second story of the house, Ironwood returned to update and expand the sunroom while tying it in with a new sitting porch. These changes provide the client with increased functional space, a more energy efficient home, and a cohesive front elevation that fits the character of the neighborhood. The sunroom and porch have become favorite places for this client to enjoy her updated home.

  • Bright and functional interior spaces
  • High performance windows and doors
  • Extra insulation for energy performance
  • Porch and sunroom greatly improved living spaces and aesthetics